The Ceremony

The Jewish Wedding At-A-Glance

Ketubah - the marriage contract, is signed in the presence of witnesses before the ceremony.

Chuppah - wedding canopy is intended to create an intimate, sanctified space symbolizing the home that the bride and groom will share together. The sides are left open to signify that all friends and family are welcome into their new life and home.

The Bedekin (the" Veiling of the Bride") - placing the veil over the bride's head by the groom is the final step in the preparations for the wedding ceremony.

Circling the Groom - the bride circles the groom seven times.

Kiddushin (Betrothal) - the Betrothal ceremony begins with the reciting of the Betrothal Blessing. After the blessing the couple will drink from the same cup of wine.

The Ring Ceremony - following the blessing and the wine, the groom puts a ring on the bride’s index finger.

Nissuin - the actual wedding ceremony, begins with the chanting of the Seven Wedding Blessings. Upon completion of the blessings, the couple drink from a second cup of wine. The ceremony concludes with the groom breaking a glass.

The Yichud - the yichud (seclusion) takes place immediately after the ceremony. The bride and groom retreat to a private room to share their first few moments alone together as husband and wife.