Our Story

How We Met

It was a warm, rainy day on June 15, 2005, and an enterprising member of the Oakton Medical Center, where Julia was waiting for her mom and Yos was fixing a computer, passed on Julia’s phone number to him. Even though Julia had her nose in a book the whole time, Yos found Julia irresistible and called her the same day to ask her out. His persistence paid off. Since it turned out they lived two blocks away from each other, they agreed to meet on the corner of Oakton and Lincoln. Julia was dressed in a sorority t-shirt, and wearing one contact lens, Yos looked smashing in business casual. Like a gentleman (from the 1800s), he kissed Julia’s hand. It was cute and hilarious. They went to Cousin’s, a Turkish restaurant in Chicago, and had a great conversation. It felt like they have known each other forever. Even though Julia made the unforgivable mistake of not inviting Yos to her birthday party the next day, he forgave her and they went out again. The rest, as they say, is history.

The Proposal

Julia and Yos went to Florida on vacation. One day, they went miniature golfing, and Julia kicked his butt. In retrospect, maybe Yos let her win so later she would say yes. Then they went to a beautiful restaurant on the beach. As they were waiting for appetizers, the hostess came up and said that it was a tradition in their restaurant to go watch the sunset on the beach and listen to the Boston Pops play on the speakers. For a normal person, red flags would go up, living in her bubble, Julia thought it was business as usual. They went down to the beach and sat on a log and watched the sunset. Then, Yos got down on one knee and proposed. Julia called him crazy, said yes, and started crying. Then she heard cheering behind her, the whole restaurant was in on it except her. They ended the night dancing on the beach with music floating down from the restaurant. It was perfect. But the wonderful adventure didn’t end there. The next day, there was another surprise in store for Julia. Yos took her to an aquarium where they got to meet, greet, and pet penguins. They were the only people there without a small child, it was awesome.

About Us

Yosef is an entrepreneur, computer guru, and a Doctor of Oriental Medicine. He likes to know everything about everything, and has a great sense of humor.

Julia is a future lawyer, penguin enthusiast, and enjoys dancing. Yosef makes her laugh.